Steph Curry Is Too Famous For Malls, Wears Zebra Head to Avoid Crowds

It's hard out here for reigning MVP.

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Stephen Curry has picked up where he left off last season. The Golden State Warriors are 3-0 and their leader is averaging 39 points, seven assists, five rebounds, two steals, and a 52.35 PER. His rapid rise to the top has made it hard for him to live a normal life. The day after he dropped 53 points on the New Orleans Pelicans onHalloween night, the Currys decided to pop some tags at a local mall. Maybe because he feared for his safety or maybe because he was still in the Halloween spirit, Steph tried to disguise himself using a zebra head.

Obviously it didn't work because everyone recognized the family's biggest star, Riley and her momma Ayesha. Also, Steph is probably the only person rocking Under Armour kicks off the court.

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