Ford Creates a Christmas-Themed Version of Ken Block's Gymkhana Videos With Toys

This may be more awesome than the original.

Image via YouTube

Ken Block's Gymkhana video series has gotten a lot of views online, especially Gymkhana 6 in which he drifts around construction equipment and cargo containers in a Ford Fiesta ST RX43. Ford Europe made a version of the video using toy cars that they called Snowkhana, and now that Christmas is days away, they just dropped the sequel. Think Toy Story, meets stop-motion, meets Gymkhana. 

The stop-motion effect is genius, especially when the car drifts and you see the cotton act as tire smoke. Darth Vader and Superman make appearances along with several other toys, but it's really about the race and the way that plastic handles the hardwood.

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[via TheSuperCarKids]


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