Lonzo Ball Confronted His Ex for Implying He’s a Deadbeat Dad

Ball asked her about it in front of reality TV cameras.

lonzo ball

Image via Getty/Andrew D. Bernstein

lonzo ball

Lonzo Ball confronted his ex-girlfriend over calling him a deadbeat in a new episode of his Facebook reality TV show Ball in the Family

Back in October, Denise Garcia responded to a follower's request that she "blink if Lonzo is a deadbeat dad" by blinking and laughing. Ball apparently didn't think it was funny. 

"Came to see the deadbeat, huh?" Ball asked in the new clip, as Garcia walked into the room carrying their child. "That was fun for you? You had fun? You're laughing, but it's really not funny though."

"I don't like how he's like 'Because I'm physically there, I'm there as a dad,'" Garcia said in a confessional, before the show cut to Ball repeatedly asking if he's missed a weekend with their baby since the child was born.  

However, Lonzo took her message to heart and said that he's hoping to be more involved in their child's life. "Denise wants me to be more present during the weekends with her and Zoey, I see where she's obviously coming from," he said.  "I'm trying to make an effort to get there as much as possible."

Lonzo might have more time now that the Big Baller is playing with the GOAT. The Lakers player recently noted that playing with LeBron James lifts a significant weight off of his shoulders. 

"I would say it takes pressure off of me and the rest of the young guys," Ball said. "Obviously you have LeBron, the best player in the world, all the attention is on him. A lot of the wins and losses are targeted towards him. I know he’s dealt with that his whole career so he’s fine with it. But myself, it’s taken the spotlight off a little bit, just making things a little easier for me."

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