Nick Young: 'Everybody Needs to Do Cocaine!'

Golden State Warriors guard Nick Young is currently on a celebration tour after winning his first NBA title. During his victory lap, he shared his belief that cocaine should be legalized.

Golden State Warriors guard Nick Young is currently on a celebration tour. After 11 seasons in the NBA, the 33-year-old guard is now an NBA champion.

During his victory lap, Swaggy P shared his belief that the U.S. should legalize cocaine—in fact, it seems he thinks the drug should be legalized worldwide. Swaggy espoused his perspective in an impromptu interview with a TMZ reporter.

"I want people to pass cocaine," Young said outside 1 OAK, a nightclub.

But why? Isn't there a reason the drug is illegal?

"Everybody needs to do cocaine!" he exclaimed.

The man just doesn't care right now. Young is on a wave.

Nick Young hasn’t put a shirt on since the Warriors won 😂

Young agreed to a one-year, $5.2 million contract with the Warriors last offseason. He played a minor role off the bench for Golden State. Young averaged 17.4 minutes per game and put up 7.3 points and 1.6 rebounds a game. He shot 37.7 percent from three-point range and 41.2 percent from the field.

Young hit three three-pointers in Golden State's Game 1 win in the Western Conference Finals against Houston. He added a clutch three in Game 6. Swaggy didn't get much action in the Finals, but hey—he's got a ring now.

Young spent the bulk of his career with the Washington Wizards (2007-12) and L.A. Lakers (2013-17). He's perhaps best known for his...tenuous...relationship with Iggy Azalea and his role in the D'Angelo Russell Snapchat controversy.

The 6-foot-7 guard is now a free agent.

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