Lakers Are Rumored to Pass on Drafting Lonzo Ball

Basketball reporter Jordan Schultz tweeted that a source informed him the Lakers are ready to pass on drafting Lonzo Ball.

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LaVar Ball might not want to read this article. LaVar talked about the Lakers drafting his son, Lonzo, so much that when the Lakers received the No. 2 pick in the lottery, people started talking as if the pick were a done deal.

Fultz to the Celtics, then Ball to the Lakers, then we’ll see what happens…

Rumors have surfaced, however, that the Lakers are far from sold on Lonzo Ball.

Today, basketball reporter Jordan Schultz tweeted that a source informed him the Lakers are not currently planning on drafting Ball—and they seem pretty certain, per Schultz.

Per source, the #Lakers would pass on Lonzo Ball if #nbadraft was today. Team isn't convinced he's a star and remains concerned about LaVar.
Per source, re Lonzo Ball: "It's not even close right now. Ball won't be a Laker unless they really start 2 buy into him as a star." #lakers
Per @ramonashelburne, Lonzo Ball will work out with the #lakers on June 7. Needless to say, both workout and interview process must be gr8.

You have to be cautious of this type of report, because teams can use press to persuade trade partners or manipulate other teams. But, if this is true, who could the Lakers be eyeing at No. 2?

Earlier this week, Schultz tweeted that a source told him Kentucky's De’Aaron Fox has for some teams become the highest-rated point guard in the draft.

Per source, there are multiple teams in the lottery who feel De'Aaron Fox - not Fultz or Ball - is the top PG in the draft. Continues 2 rise

If Fultz falls, he’s an option, as is Kansas’ Josh Jackson. Duke swingman Jayson Tatum is likely the only other player who could sneak up that high.

Ball, the talented former UCLA guard, averaged 14.6 points, 7.6 assists, and 6.0 rebounds per game in his lone NCAA season.

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