The Odell Beckham saga is about to come ot end in Cleveland. The star receiver’s father posted a video showing every route Beckham was open on but wasn’t targeted and the toxicity reached its peak after the team responded to the video by excusing him from practice Wednesday and Thursday. According to multiple reports, the Browns will release Beckham Friday. 

From the start, the acquisition of Beckham from the Giants has been bumpy. Beckham never seemed to be on the same page as quarterback Baker Mayfield, and the hiring of Kevin Stefanski meant a new system that didn’t cater to a star receiver. That’s why Stefon Diggs wanted out from Minnesota when Stefanski was there. 

Beckham wasn’t dealt on the trade deadline, likely due to his bloated salary and shoulder injury that has plagued him. As a veteran with more than four years of service that’s being released after the NFL trade deadline, Beckham would be subject to the waivers process where teams, starting with the NFL’s worst, have an opportunity to claim him. But if he passes through waivers without a claim—and the Browns reportedly are trying to rework Beckham’s contract so he’s claimed via waivers, potentially preventing him from landing on a contender—he then becomes a free agent. We’re breaking down the best landing spots for Beckham should he reach free agency. Beckham can still prove to be a highly impactful featured weapon in the right situation.