The NFL season is cruising (sort of) along. There's been some hiccups, and you never really know when a team could get shut down due to COVID-19, but we're here for week eight, and the picks are still rolling in. This is it. Week 17. Playoffs spots are up for grabs and so much is yet to be decided. Will the Browns make it? Who will win the NFC East? Are the Rams screwed without Jared Goff? So many questions. 

Like always, these are our straight-up picks and not ATS. For all our NFL bets of the week, tune into the Complex Sports Podcast, where we break down every game by the spread. Not to toot our own horn, but we're on a pretty crazy ATS picks streak right now. So if you're into that kind of thing, check out the podcast. As for the straight-up picks, Zion has a narrow lead over Angel. It all comes down to this final week. 

Overall Records 

Chopz - 149-90
Adam - 148-91
Zion - 160-79
Angel - 154-85