Are you tired of the James Harden trade saga yet? You better not be because the drama was ratcheted up a few notches Thursday when The Athletic's Shams Charania reported the Rockets superstar added two more teams—Milwaukee and Miami—to his list of desired destinations as he attempts to force his way out of Houston.

Despite numerous reports and anecdotes over the past eight years how the Rockets have catered to the whims of the 2018 NBA MVP, Harden appears to be making life difficult for the Houston front office, its revamped roster, and new coach Stephen Silas by wanting out and reporting late to training camp. He already had Brooklyn and Philadelphia circled as the two cities he'd like to relocate to. Throwing Milwaukee and Miami into the mix—however far-fetched it those destinations might be—undoubtedly adds heat (no pun intended) to an already spciy situation as Harden reportedly wants to chase a title outside of Houston. After all, it appears the Rockets' championship window has closed.

While we can debate how realistic it is that Harden actually ends up on one of those four squads this week, next week, or when the season starts December 22—let's put the odds right now at slightly above a snowball's chance in hell for a litany of reasons—that doesn't mean we can't wade into the hypothetical waters and imagine the potential fun of seeing Harden in a new locale with a superstart teammate or two.