We, as in the media, are guilty of throwing around the term star way too often. Especially in college where the Big Man on Campus located in some out of the way town 1,000 percent earns the title if his highlights are good enough to make it on SportsCenter once or twice.  

But there are also legit stars in the college ranks, the kind that are already earmarked for the lottery of next year's NBA Draft or the ones that will wreck havoc when it's (fingers crossed) time for the NCAA Tournament in March. So with the NBA not returning until December 22, in order to keep our sanity and bide our time between NFL games, we're going to be paying attention to a lot of college basketball and decided to showcase a baker's dozen of the most noteworthy "amateurs" before the pros earn most of our attention. 

If you're a NBA Draft junkie and already have the 2021 first-round mock memorized, then almost all of these names will be familiar. We didn't name every single impact player in the country for obvious reasons because this list could easily go 50 deep—or even 100. But if you're really a NBA fan tuning into the college game just to whet your basketball appetite, these are (for the most part) future first-round selections, with a few other college stars mixed in for good measure, that deserve your attention.