Chad Johnson recently joined one of his former coaches during his time in Cincinnati, Hue Jackson, as well as Brandon Marshall, and a hand full of others on the latest episode of I Am Athlete, where he revealed that he used to call Jackson and other Bengals coaches in the middle of the night just to mess with them.

“I used to call him and Marvin in the middle of the night. I would call him, ‘Coach Hue, I’m open.’ And then hang up,” Johnson recalled.

“I used to get those calls at two o’clock in the morning,” Jackson said, confirming that Johnson enjoyed messing with his coaches. Despite having a tumultuous history with past coaches, it looked as though Johnson and Jackson were both able to reflect on their time together in a lighthearted way. 

Johnson also had some of his best seasons while being coached by Jackson from 2004 to 2006, leading the league in receiving yards in 2006. The chemistry the two had seems to be alive and well.

Watch the entire episode of I Am Athlete featuring Johnson, Jackson, Marshall, and more up top.