Houston’s outlook: If the Rockets are serious about rebuilding, getting back the fourth-overall pick, along with two recent, cost-controlled top 10 picks is a pretty good place to start. Coby White showed flashes of being pretty good last year before the NBA shutdown, and the best thing for Lauri Markkanen might be a change of scenery. For this deal to work, Otto Porter Jr. would need to accept his $28.4M player option—which is difficult to imagine. After this year, that money leaves the books and gives the Rockets some financial flexibility.

Chicago’s outlook: The Bulls have been searching for the right direction for some time now. Right now, the Bulls look like a team that’s going to be fighting for a playoff spot next year if everything goes correctly. Letting Harden run the show with Zach LaVine as his sidekick would be an interesting look that should produce a playoff appearance. Chicago still might be one more move away from being an Eastern Conference contender if they grab Harden, but they’re light years closer than currently constructed.