It’s an understatement to say this has been a weird year for the NBA. The Lakers won a championship in October. Next season will already tip off in one month.

And now it’s time to talk about the draft. Instead of its usual scheduling in late June, this year’s iteration will take place Nov. 18. So after months of anticipation and waiting, it's finally draft week. Everyone has an opinion on this draft class, with the consensus being that it's one of the weaker ones in recent years. However, there's still star power at the top, led by LaMelo Ball and Anthony Edwards. 

There was already a lot of hype around this year’s top prospects, and the prolonged wait for the draft has only heightened it. Nobody really knows who's going to pan out from this class and that just adds to the intrigue. If you’re wondering who is likely to go where, check out our latest mock draft. And if you’re wondering who those players might look like when they enter the league, read on...

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