We made it, guys. The NFL is back and it's hard not to appreciate having football back in our lives after it looked like it might not happen because of the COVID-19 pandemic. And who knows what will happen this season, but as of now, they're playing and we're ready for it. Of course, the season will look different than most. A good amount of teams won't have fans to start the season and with a shortened offseason, the football could look a little ugly to start the season.

We've already ranked every QB in the NFL and gave you our full season predictions for every single team, as well as playoff predictions. And now just like last year, we're bringing you guys weekly predictions for every single NFL game. These are straight up picks and not ATS. For all our NFL bets of the week, tune into the Complex Sports 'Load Management' podcast, where we break down every game by the spread. Angel is out to an early lead as we head into week 3, but it's close across the board. Let's have some fun. 

*Week 5 note* - We did not pick the Titans vs. Bills game because it's unclear if they will play this week. 

Overall Records: 

Chopz - 39-23
Adam - 39-23
Angel - 44-18
Zion - 39-23

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