Coronavirus regulations won't stop Philly fans from being Philly fans. 

On Sunday, the Eagles took on the Ravens in Philadelphia. This was the first game that the organization decided to let a limited number of fans attend since the COVID-19 took hold of the country. In true form, Eagles fans decided to take out the frustration caused by the team's disappointing loss on a pair of Baltimore fans. 

It's unclear what started the fight. But in a clip of the incident, a man in an Eagles jersey made it his mission to climb down multiple rows of seats to get to the Ravens fan. As soon as he got within range, the Philly fan started to let his fist fly. This prompted another Ravens fan to come to the victim's aid. Naturally, this move only sparked an Eagles fan to jump in and even the odds.

Although entertaining, the fight was quick and seemingly harmless no one appeared to be injured in the process. Also, it doesn't look like authorities were notified of the incident. This makes the fight a clear indication that the NFL football season is in full swing despite COVID-19 getting things off to a rocky start.