We could get all flowery and poetic on you after the NBA season concluded Sunday with LeBron James and the Lakers winning it all, shutting down the league's ultra-successful bubble. But frankly, we're exhausted from the non-stop run of basketball since the NBA returned at the end of July. 

While we had it way easier watching the action from afar compared to all the brave souls—including some of our friends, that spent weeks or months holed up in Orlando and sealed off from the rest of the world—like the rest of the basketball world we're ready for some downtime. But before we briefly dead the basketball talk, we need to discuss the major storylines that will dominate debates and arguments for the next few months until we finally find out when next season begins. 

When that is, nobody knows—and that's a major offseason storyline. But we also dove into some of the other obvious ones, like should the Lakers be considered the favorites? Are we about to witness the last dance between Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons? And what should the Warriors do with the No. 2 pick in the November 18th NBA Draft? Read up and settle in for the first fall not to feature any action in the Association in forever.  

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