Portland Trail Blazers center Hassan Whiteside is claiming that the tweet about him "moving to Hawaii" to get out of the United States if Donald Trump wins a second term was fake. As I'm sure you know (hopefully), Hawaii has been part of the U.S. since 1959. 

On Tuesday night, Republican Trump and Democrat Joe Biden, faced off in the first presidential debate of the 2020 election. Many who watched the debate came away disillusioned with the bombardment of racist dog whistles spewed by the reality television star, who would not disavow white supremacy, and took to social media to express their disgust with his disrespectful and combative behavior.

Whiteside was seemingly one of those people when his "moving to Hawaii" started to make the rounds online though he later responded to a tweet from Barstool Sports claiming that it was photoshopped and "fake news." The Blazers player said that the tweet couldn't have come from him because the time stamp showed that it was hours ahead of what time it was in his location. People on Twitter quickly pointed out that a tweet's time stamp reflects the time zone of the user and not the time zone of the person who sent out the tweet.  

Fake or not, people responded to the tweet with jokes.

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