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Myles Garrett exposed several screenshots of racist DMs he received via Instagram on Saturday.

“Attention all ladies, this man is obviously in need of some attention because he won’t stay out of my dms at 5am. If you’re into racists hit em up on insta,” he tweeted alongside the screengrabs.

In a second tweet, he shared more images and wrote, “Rent free.”

It’s unclear what prompted Garrett to share the screenshots, though he, of course, doesn’t need to have a reason. The comments that these people left in his DMs were clearly bigoted and disgusting, with Garrett’s followers calling out the people who sent the DMs.

Garrett is signed to the Cleveland Browns as a defensive end. In a tweet from earlier this week, he wrote, “Year 4, same headband,” next to a photo of himself wearing his Browns gear.

It’s not the first time Garrett has called out bigotry.

Last November, he claimed that Steelers QB Mason Rudolph said the N-word to him, which is what reportedly led to an on-field fight and resulted in Garrett’s suspension. He was subsequently banned from the final six games of the regular season, which reportedly cost him $1.2 million in salary and a fine of $45,623. Rudolph later denied saying the N-word, and the NFL determined that there was “no such evidence” to support the claim. Rudolph also threatened to take legal action against Garrett, following the racial slur allegations.