Two women who formerly attended Louisiana State University have accused ex-Washington running back Derrius Guice of raping them in 2016.

USA TODAY reports that the women first made the allegations with multiple staffers at the school, including two coaches, a nurse, and an athletics administrator. However, the school seemingly never investigated the allegations.

One of the women said that she lived in the same apartment building as Guice, who was a freshman at LSU in 2015-2016. At one point in the year she hosted a party, which she said Guice turned up to uninvited. When she was frustrated that him and his football friends had turned up, she went into her room and passed out. 

"I was drunk and passed out on my bed,” she explained. The woman said that she believes Guice sexually assaulted her, adding that when she woke up she discovered he had put his number into her phone. “I never gave him consent. I never wanted to have sex with him. I don’t even remember except the flashbacks I had. I just wonder sometimes, does he even know that that was wrong?” Football players who were at the party indicated that Guice had told others he had sex with the woman.

The second woman was a tennis player at LSU, and has alleged that Guice raped her in her apartment after they met in a bar. "I was very drunk,” she said. “Way too drunk to give consent in the first place.” She said that from what she remembers, Guice forced her to perform oral and vaginal sex. When she woke up in the morning, he was gone.

In a statement shared by his attorney Peter D. Greenspun, Guice has denied all the allegations leveled against him. "At no time were allegations of physical or sexual assault brought against Derrius during his years as a student athlete at LSU," Greenspun said. "To bring up such assertions only after the Virginia charges were initiated certainly calls into question the credibility, nature and timing of what is being alleged years later."

Greenspun added that "such speculation and innuendo should not be the basis" for Derrius to be required to make any comment at all, and that the "allegations in this story are just that and have no basis in fact." 

Earlier this month, Guice was released from the Washington Football Team after he was arrested on domestic violence charges. The charges included one felony count of strangulation, three counts of assault and battery, and one count of destruction of property.