Keenan Allen isn't pleased with where he's ranked on NFL Network’s top 100 list so he decided to take his anger out on some of the league's elite wide receivers. 

On Sunday, the Chargers wide out took to Twitter where he vented out being named the No. 77 player in the league. In doing so, he called out the Chiefs' Tyreek Hill, Mike Evans, and Chris Godwin of the Buccaneers. 

"Ok I’m tired of biten my tongue," Allen said in a quote tweet that contained a video of his running in-game routes. "@cheetah @MikeEvans13 @chrisgoodwin... ( and the list goes on) ARE NOT a better receiver than me! Faster than me...every day of the week but separation..CHILD PLEASE!"

Unfortunately for Allen, he let the heat of the moment get ahead of him and he forgot to proofread his tweet as he tagged the wrong Chris Godwin account. This served as the perfect lob for Mike Evans and Chris Godwin to slam Allen.

"You tagged the wrong Chris Godwin lol and don’t be mad at us we ain’t make the rankings or care about em," Evans said to Allen. "I like the confidence but be realistic you not on my level bro"

Godwin decided to add a little humor to the situation by agreeing with Allen that "Chris Goodwin" isn't a top tier receiver.

"oh shit lol Don’t sweat it G," he wrote. "Chris Goodwin ain’t better than me either."

As for Tyreek Hill, he seems to be enjoying the competition as he retweeted both Allen's critique and Mike Evans' response. 

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