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With NBA bubble play now officially underway, videos and rumors have been circulating across social media about what the players' living conditions are like in their new Disney hotel homes. One rumor, in particular, was that LeBron James had a much better setup than everyone else, which his teammate Alex Caruso has since shut down.

When Caruso was talking with Complex's Load Management podcast this week, he cleared up the theories floating around that James was living in a completely different place from the other NBA players.

"I mean, he’s right down the hallway," Caruso said of LeBron. "He’s like...he’s on the other side of the elevators. There’s like half our team over here, half our team’s over there. I don’t think…if he is, it’s not that much different.”

Caruso clarified that while he hasn't seen James' living quarters personally from the inside, he wouldn't even be mad if the King did have some extra space. "I mean, I would like to have it myself because why not," Caruso continued. "But I’m not gonna complain so they take it away from him. I don’t know, that seems kinda childish. At the end of the day, we’re all living in a hotel. If you got a little more space than somebody, congrats."

It's become a running joke on social media and among different NBA players that James is living different from the rest of them. Earlier in the Load Management episode, Caruso compared living in the bubble to being at an adult summer camp, since everyone is living out a hotel room with teams living next to each other.

Listen to the full Load Management episode below: