The Last Dance has captivated the nation now that professional sports have been put on hold. But Myles Garrett and Odell Beckham Jr. used a clip from the documentary to joke about two of the NFL's top stories.

On Sunday, Browns defensive end Garrett sent out a tweet featuring a clip of Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman tapping each other on the butt during the NBA Finals. 

"How [Odell Beckham] thought spanking the cop was gonna go," Myles captioned the video. 

After Beckham's Alma Mater, LSU, won the National Championship, he decided to celebrate with the team in the locker room. During the festivities, OBJ ended up slapping an officer on the butt.

The hilarious moment went viral, but OBJ was charged with assault for the incident. Now that the charges have been dropped, Garrett's tweet appeared to be the perfect troll. Yet it ended up serving as the ultimate lay up for Beckham to reference Garrett's helmet-swinging incident.

"Wait a min!!!! That wasn’t even the worst part," Beckham said to Garrett in a quote tweet. "the worst part was I got charged wit assault..... and u somehow didn’t !!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 only in America."