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Gilbert Arenas has never been one to hold his tongue. So when he hopped on to Reddit to host an "Ask Me Anything" session, it turned out to be everything fans expected. 

Gil sets the tone for by letting his fans know that Reddit "messed up" by bringing him in there because he's going to "burn this bitch to the ground." And if this wasn't enough, Arenas alluded his 2009 locker room scandal by referring to himself as "agentzerogunsblazing."

Arenas gave a lot of great answers. He explained the importance of having an established shooting coach, touched on his injuries, the evolution of the game, and more. Yet, it didn't take long for him to steer the ship left. As expected, things started to go off the rails when he was asked about his good friend, Nick Young, and Young's children.

"yeah they're truly scared of me," Gil said when asked about Swaggy P's family. "no matter girl or boy, if they talk back, Uncle Gil gonna F*** them up. Nick ain't scared because he know I'm all bark." He then revealed that he's able to get into Nick's home anytime he wants. 

"Swaggy don't lock his windows so i'm always able to get in his house," Gil said.

Arenas also admitted that the worst thing he did to Nick Young was to take him under his wing as a rookie. 

"the worst thing...making him my rookie," he said. "i think if he wasn't my rookie he would he would have better career. making him my rookie was the worst thing. and he deserved each and every bit of it."

It's known that Arenas isn't short on confidence. Although he was able to admit LeBron James and the Cavs were more prepared than his Wizards during the 2006 playoffs, he wasn't ready to give anyone credit for being able to stop him.

"the referees," he responded when asked who was the hardest defender he faced. "lol Joey Crawford was the hardest to score on. that muthaF* had some great defense." 

Arenas' entertaining exchanges took AMA to another level. He was able to showcase why he was one of the best scorers in the game at his prime by displaying his basketball IQ. But, Arenas was upset that people didn't ask questions about something he also knows a lot about. 

"PS NOT ONE OF YOU SCARY LITTLE SHITS ASKED ME ABOUT GUNS???" Gilbert wrote towards the end of his session. 

Gil's replies took on a life of their own with fans taking to social media to react to his comments.