Two days after Justin Gaethje TKO'd Tony Ferguson for the interim Lightweight Championship at UFC 249, Conor McGregor brought the focus back on him with just a few incendiary tweets.

These tweets called out a number of his fellow fighters, specifically those who compete at 155 lbs (see: the Lightweight division). McGregor ended his series of callouts by saying he'd be competing as a welterweight (170 lbs.) going forward.

The main points to walk away with here, beyond his intended weight class, appears to be that McGregor is completely down to fight without fans (which he kind of hinted at last week). He also said that his next fight is to be between him and Gaethje, with Conor adding that he was going to "fucking butcher" his preferred opponent over eight-month old barbs about his parenting.

For those who forgot/never knew, Gaethje called McGregor a "shit human, father, and husband" back in September 2019. In that same year, Gaethje claimed to TMZ that he was angling for a fight with Conor, but that the Irishman refused to sign the contract. 

After McGregor singled out Gaethje he turned his sights to Khabib Nurmagomedov (who Gaethje is expected to face next). In just a single tweet, Conor twice called the undefeated Khabib, who beat Conor in October 2018, an "embarrassment," and also compared him to a "scurrying, hiding rat." 

Here's everything he wrote on Monday (thus far). Feel free to read them in his voice:

Reached for comment by ESPN, Ali Abdelaziz (who manages both Gaethje and Nurmagomedov), said McGregor wouldn't be jumping the line for a title fight.  

"Right now is the holy month of Ramadan, so I cannot talk about anyone out of respect of Ramadan," Abdelaziz said. "He had a chance to fight Justin in January, and he picked [Donald 'Cowboy' Cerrone] instead. He picked the easier fight. Now, the two kings of the division will fight. Maybe Conor can fight someone in the co-main event."

Last week Dana White made it very clear that McGregor has interest in fighting this summer, but no further details were given.

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