It's safe to say that Barack Obama is pretty accomplished in life and has accumulated a lot of titles that could be used to describe him. The people behind ESPN's The Last Dance decided "Former Chicago Resident" was Obama's crowning achievement and how he should be labeled in their docuseries

Obama is a professed Bulls fan so it was no surprise when it was revealed he would be part of the documentary. But when the first two installments premiered on Sunday, fans found it hilarious that Obama's historic political career was overshadowed by formerly living in the Windy City.

Although it provided some humor, there is a method behind the madness. During an interview with the Athletic, director Jason Hehir explained that the objective behind all of the documentary's chyron was to show an "organic connection" to Michael Jordan and the Bulls organization. It's also the motive behind dubbing fellow ex-President Bill Clinton the "Former Governor of Arkansas" when the doc shifted to Scottie Pippen's roots in the Natural State.

"My question was, okay, what is Bill Clinton going to say that is different than any other fan would say about watching Michael play?" Hehir said. "Now if Bill Clinton says I was governor of Arkansas when Scottie Pippen was in high school and I saw [Scottie] play, that's organic to the story and much more interesting."