Regardless of whatever grade whatever current student is in, the 2019-20 school year will not be remembered as a typical one. Instead, for some it will go down as the year that abruptly halted and then robbed kids of their summer(s). And for others, it will go down as the year kids were robbed of school's social aspects for kids to learn in their locked down homes with their stressed out parents or unvetted emergency babysitters.  

Not great for anyone.

Things are already unorthodox, but some Georgia first graders were treated to an actual pleasant surprise, when their quarantined video class was crashed by Shaquille O'Neal popping into their lesson to make things fun for about two minutes. Check it out, he's just sitting there for a few seconds before people are like "Wait, what?" 

TMZ reports that this came together because Shaq is a family friend of one of the kids who's plugging through East Lake Elementary's first grade, adversity and all. As it turns out, O'Neal only had to offer a "hello" for the teacher/parents/other students to freak out.

The NBA legend reportedly "stayed on for a few minutes," and offered greetings to everyone in virtual class. A parent added that "It was really cool." 

Consider this surprise to be one of the wholesome variety, something that's definitely welcome right about now. Check out a clip from NESN below:

And see the fuller version here.

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