2019 Rank: 22
Followers: 1.6 million
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Dear Lamar, pic.twitter.com/UFkVLySYJt

— Baltimore Ravens (@Ravens) February 1, 2020

The rich get richer. The Ravens have the most exciting young player in the league and the best Twitter account for 2020. So, why did Baltimore make such a big climb, up 21 places from last year? Well, they worked hard to produce original content, like the video above, which includes ‘letters to Lamar’ from elementary school kids. Sketches always yield big-time points. When you have the starpower of someone like Lamar Jackson, you need to take advantage of it, and the Ravens social team did just that. From the slow-mo clips to the mic'd up videos, the Ravens social team was hitting from every direction all season long. 

It’s a winning combination when you have a dominant team on the field and on the keyboard, and the Ravens and 49ers executed that dynamic to perfection this year. They are our two torch-bearers for 2020.

Who will top the list next year? Who will plummet in the rankings? Stay tuned...