UFC fighter Brian Ortega reportedly got into a physical altercation with Korean rapper and entertainer, Jay Park, during UFC 248 on Saturday.

Ortega was at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas when he ran into fellow UFC fighter Chan Sung Jung (Korean Zombie). Yet, the tension wasn't between these two featherweights. Instead, Ortega seemingly took objection to Jung's guest, Jay Park. 

Eyewitnesses tell USA Today's MMA Junkie that Ortega approached Park about comments the artist made last month. During the talk, Ortega allegedly open-hand slapped Park. Initially, it was reported that Jung was a part of the scuffle. But it's now being said that the incident took place while the fighter was in the bathroom. After the slap, Park and Ortega were able to be separated and the fighter was escorted out of the arena. 

In a clip obtained by TMZ, you can see Ortega smack talking to Park, saying, "I told you I'd slap you like a bitch." When Ortega was escorted out by secruity, they checked on Park who was fine.

As UFC President Dana White explained after the altercation, Jung does not speak fluent English. According to ESPN's Ariel Helwani, Park served as Zombie's translator for Helwani's show. In his appearance, Park claimed that Jung said he didn't want to fight Ortega because he's already "ducked" him before. In reality, Ortega was forced to withdraw due to injury.

Ortega saw a clip of the show on Instagram. Per MMA Junkie, Ortega commented after seeing the video: "Jay Park welcome to the fight game. Don’t be surprised if I slap the (expletive) out of you when I see you." Ortega seemingly fulfilled this promise when he saw Park at UFC 248.

Despite the violent encounter, White doesn't want things to go further than where they are right now. 

"Listen, we don’t want that," White said when asked if anyone is looking to explore legal action. "We don’t want anyone getting arrested." He also alluded to his interest in booking an Ortega vs. Jung bout. 

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