Tyson Beck has worked for every major sports league and athletic brand you can think of, and he’s done it all from an unassuming office in Adelaide. Complex AU speaks to the Australian designer about his work ethic, his connection to Kobe, and the secret to succeeding on your own terms.

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By now, the rise of Adelaide-born and raised graphic designer Tyson Beck has been well-documented. Told to not return for the final year of his Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design — by his lecturer, of all people — because ‘there’s no point’ as ‘no one gets jobs’ in the field in his hometown. Working 5 nights a week at a department store, often past midnight, then coming home and working on his design projects until 6 in the morning before heading right back out again for school. And getting one of his first paid gigs at the age of 17, designing for his favourite NBA team, the Los Angeles Lakers. 

Beck’s journey is the ultimate testament to the advice he offers all those aspiring designers who ask: work hard and stay patient. On the cusp of his 30th birthday this year, and having just entered fatherhood, it all seems to be paying off. An industry leader in the world of sports design, Beck counts major American leagues such as the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL clients of his, alongside global brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour. Last year, the emergent Australian apparel brand First Ever, sole outfitter for all 9 NBL teams, asked Beck to design jerseys for 3 teams during the 2019-2020, including his hometown Adelaide 36’ers.  

We caught up with Beck for a chat, reflecting on his journey over the past decade, pondering what the future might hold, and getting a glimpse into the psyche of this Australian design superstar. Below is an interview with him, edited and condensed for clarity.

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