Trae Young is very happy about his performance during Thursday's Atlanta Hawks and Miami Heat game. Scoring himself a career-high with 50 points and eight assists, Young was responsible for helping the Hawks claim a 129-124 victory. But it also represented revenge for the 21-year-old point guard, allowing him to finally respond to Jimmy Butler after they faced off during a fateful game in December.

During that game, the Hawks had a six-point lead with one minute left on the clock, prompting Young to tell Butler, "It's over." Unfortunately for him, Duncan Robinson and Butler managed to tie the game, and when overtime came around Miami scored enough to win. Butler joked that Young was a "teller of the future," while he laughed off the situation with a simple "welp" on Twitter. Now that he's lead Atlanta to victory, Young grabbed his opportunity to say that he can, in fact, "see the future" like Butler said.

"Don't ever let somebody tell you dreams can't come true... 50 piece," he wrote in his first tweet, before directly calling out Jimmy Butler in a follow-up. "...and FYI @JimmyButler was right, I can see the future... I saw tonight happening awhile ago. #AndIDontEvenLileTwitterBeefsBuuut."

Miami is nearly 20 games ahead of the Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern Conference, but this remains a highlight and a personal victory for Young.

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