Floyd Mayweather is being accused of assault, but it seems the boxer may have not even touched the alleged victim. 

Per TMZ, the Miami Beach Police Department is investigating Floyd for allegedly assaulting 32-year-old Ricco Kimborough. Kimborough reportedly recognized Mayweather and his security team at the Fontainebleau Hilton where the boxer was staying to celebrate the Super Bowl. Ricco claims he asked Floyd for a picture but Floyd declined, stating, "I can't even get a good morning first?"

This is where stories start to differ. The police report claims Mayweather's security team pushed Kimborough while Floyd yelled "I'll beat your ass." Yet TMZ obtained footage shot by Kimborough that shows a different chain of events. Ricco and Mayweather are seen shouting at each other while the boxer climbs into his SUV. The Money Team security steps in to defuse the situation and stop Ricco from advancing toward the vehicle. The two continue to yell at each other leading Floyd to reiterate what he would beat up Kimborough.

"I'll get all your money too!" Kimborough said.

"You can get this ass-whooping for free," was Floyd's reply.

At no point in the nearly minute-long video does Floyd or the Money Team security get violent with Kimborough. Still, local authorities are investigating what appears to have been a shouting match.