The Milwaukee Bucks come into Scotiabank Arena Tuesday to take on the Toronto Raptors, and despite having the best record in the NBA at 49-8, and being widely considered the favorite to represent the Eastern Conference this season, Drake wants to remind them which NBA team is still the champs. 

Many online have pointed out that Drake's decision to bring the belts to the game was to also troll Giannis Antetokounmpo, who recently attacked Wizards mascot G-Wiz with his own belt. 

Drake wasn't the only one who was inside the arena with belts in tow. The Raptor also had a belt over each of its shoulders and a comically large championship ring that Robin Lopez had to get a closer look at. 

During the telecast, NBA on TNT reporter Jared Greenberg said that when asked if he was trolling Giannis by bringing the belts, Drake said, "Obviously." 

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