We're officially less than 24 hours away from the NBA trade deadline. We've already seen the Rockets upgrade on the wing with the addition of Robert Covington, which should help them going forward. Overall, we haven't seen much other movement from teams on the trade market. There's been plenty of rumors and tweets, but almost no deals.

We know plenty of teams want to upgrade, but there seems to be minimal players out there that squads truly think can help them. It doesn't look like Kevin Love will get moved, but Tristan Thompson's name has come up a lot. For the Knicks, they recently fired Team President Steve Mills, but are still looking to make moves, and it looks like Marcus Morris will be on the move, possibly to one of the Los Angeles teams. A true arms race of sorts out West, with the Rockets making the first move. 

With the deadline rapidly appraoching, the Complex Sports team picked out five teams that need to make a move before the clock strikes midnight on NBA trade season. 

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