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Very rarely do you get to see NFL players able to chill out and just be themselves in a football setting. It's an intense game and they're usually locked in. That's what makes the Pro Bowl so great. They're able to be themselves, but still play the game they love. The players genuinely seem to enjoy being there, and to the NFL's credit, they were able to bring out some major star power this year. Lamar Jackson, Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, Ezekiel Elliott, Deshaun Watson, and many more were all in attendance.

As we wrote last week, the Complex Sports crew was down in Orlando for an entire week to take in the Pro Bowl festivities and enjoy the show. We got to interact with the players, particpate in the Pro Bowl experience, watch the Skills Showdown, and much more.

The week was not only a great place for the NFL's biggest and brightest stars to get a chance to unwind and just be themselves, but it gives fans an opportunity to meet an interact with their favorite players for an entire week. You could tell the players love it. So many of the guys waited long after they had to to make sure that they could sign every autograph for fans. Was truly a special thing to witness. 

Being down in Orlando the whole week, we were able to take in a lot and really get a great feel from the players. We already put out one of our social pieces, and it was pretty epic.

We were also able to witness from start to finish how much fun guys have during Pro Bowl week. From Lamar Jackson's star power to some very real love for Kobe Bryant, here's what we saw and heard from a full week at the NFL Pro Bowl 2020.