Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Durant got into it on Twitter recently after the former declared Russell Westbrook the best Oklahoma City Thunder player of all-time. The current Nets player took some shots at Perkins, who played with OKC from 2010-14, and now Gilbert Arenas has jumped into the discussion, too.

"Everyone has there opinion about @easymoneysniper GS move and as a hooper u should have put more thought into what u said so I'll give u an history lesson," Arenas wrote in a post he directed at Perkins. He generally defended Durant, who he said "had no choice" but to leave because "OKC was moving backwards." 

He continued, "NOW here's why KD had no choice..ya sit on tv with pushing rings and legacy down kids fans throats so KD is a free agent at 27 years old with a sheet that looks like this." Arenas highlighted Durant's achievements, all of which he accomplished at a relatively young age. "7 time all star.7 time all Nba...4 time scoring champ..1 time mvp..2 time allstar mvp.2 time gold medalists💯 there's not 5 NBA players in history that can say they were FIRST BALLET HALL OF FAMERS by 27."

Arenas attempted to soften the blow near the end of his lengthy Instagram post, claiming he agrees with "99%" of what Perkins says, but he also said that "everyone is not lucky enough to be a sorry ass rebuilding Boston team," referencing Perkins' time with the Celtics. "Now u think u light skinned with ya chest out," he added.

Durant, who caught wind of the post, took great joy in seeing the comments. "A lot of emotions flowing in the comment section," he replied with laughing emojis.

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