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As NBA trade season approaches, Kyle Kuzma's name continues to be tossed out there as a possible player who could be on the move. It's unclear what the Lakers could get in return for Kuzma, but rumors are flying that he could be out of Los Angeles before the trade deadline in February. While there is some basketball sense behind trading Kuzma, these trade rumors really took off after a known associate of his took shots at LeBron James on Instagram after the Lakers lost to the Clippers on Christmas.

Following that incident, former Lakers assistant coach Brian Shaw said he thinks the Lakers will trade Kuzma, not only because of the trainer incident, but also because Kuz didn't sign with Rich Paul and Klutch. Long story short, there's tons of Kuzma trade smoke out there right now. With all of that in mind, the Complex Sports crew came up with five teams that should look into a Kyle Kuzma trade and what that team might have to offer the Lakers.