LeBron James helped lead the Los Angeles Lakers to a 118-112 victory against the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday, but not everyone was impressed. An all-too passionate Chicago fan decided to heckle the Lakers, taking aim at LeBron and Anthony Davis in particular. Unimpressed by the behavior, LBJ hit back with a sly response.

"Your lady embarrassed to be with you," he replied to the heckler with a smile. From there he just grabbed his towel and walked off, while Anthony Davis simply looked at the riled-up audience. One fan continued to call out for Davis, which led to security getting involved. Davis can be seen saying something in the clip, but his words aren't audible. 

LeBron finished the game with his third consecutive triple-double with 30 points, 11 assists, and 10 rebounds. To celebrate the achievement, the official Lakers account tweeted, "First Laker with three straight triple-doubles in 32 years. All hail the King."

Retweeting the news, LeBron added, "#WashedKing."

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