Klay Thompson is busy getting his knee back in good shape following his torn ACL suffered in last year's Finals, and it's given him the perfect excuse to make the most of being on the sideline. For the Chicago Bulls and Golden State Warriors game on Wednesday, Thompson joined the Warriors broadcasting team as a guest reporter.

Making his debut as a reporter during the second quarter, the Warriors shooting guard was able to cheer his team on to a 104-90 victory. While he didn't provide too much in the way of insightful basketball analysis, he was able to have a lot of fun getting distracted. "Most importantly, congratulations Misses Principessa, I love seeing those engagements here," Thompson slyly said as he pointed out an engagement message. 

"Obviously, this one of my favorites," he later said, rating the Warriors bobbleheads while holding one of himself. "I'm gonna let you guys go now, 'cause I don't wanna steal the spotlight," he added as he left, before later turning up to take over a post-game interview with Omari Spellman. 

Thompson's teammate and fellow All-Star Draymond Green said he was surprised to see him conducting an interview. "Klay didn't even like doing interviews, now he likes interviewing people. What the hell's going on around here," he said. "It's crazy. I guess he's bored."