The Jets stunned the NFL by routing the Oakland Raiders to a 34-3 victory. Since the Raiders offensive line didn't protect Derek Carr on Sunday, the quarterback's brother decided to step in and stick up for his sibling. 

Following New York's victory, Jets safety Jamal Adams posted a picture of him sacking Carr during the first half on Twitter. In an effort to show that his brother will bounce back, Darren Carr responded to the tweet with the comment "(Saved for later)." This prompted Adams to fire back with some trolls of his own.

"Frame it," Adams said before ripping into Carr's career as a high school football coach. "I understand you never made it to the big stage, but stop living through your brothas. You need to focus on your lil high school job... you got class to teach tomorrow!" 

After this jab, Carr explained to Adams that he couldn't continue his football dreams because of a medical condition. He then condemned the safety for the lack of respect he has for his opponents. Adams didn't back down; he responded by questioning Carr's credibility as a teacher. 

In a post-game interview, Adams told that he was annoyed by the way the Raiders fans treated his team. Although the Jets were playing a home game, members of Raiders Nation made their way to East Rutherford. Oakland's fans showered the home team with loud boos while they were warming up. Adams said that this gave the Jets extra motivation to win the game. 

"I’m not going to lie to you, when we came out to the field we felt disrespected," Adams said. "We got booed in our own home stadium by Oakland fans and we went back into this locker room and it was a hell of a talk, it was something that needed to be said. We felt disrespected, went out there and put up or shut up.

"It’s just, you know, I don’t want to sound very arrogant and cocky, but I think they came in a little too happy," he continued. "Just put it like that. I think they thought this was going to be an easy game."