The Jets' season hit rock bottom when the team gave the winless Miami Dolphins their first victory of the year. Naturally, fans criticized the team for their performance. These critiques didn't sit well with cornerback Darryl Roberts.

"I’m sorry but it gotta be said!" Roberts wrote on his Instagram story following Sunday's loss. "All y'all fake ass fans fucking kill me with that negative shit, if you rock wit us then rock wit us but if you ain't then shut tf up please & go like another team. And another thing y'all stop @'n players talking crazy becus y'all know dam well you wouldn't buss a grape in a fruit fight."

Roberts' rant quickly hit other social media pages and sites. One of the people who took Roberts' words to Twitter was NJ Advance Media reporter Matt Stypulkoski. He accompanied Roberts' message with a tweet that read: "Darryl Roberts is not happy with #Jets fans, apparently."

This prompted the Jets defensive back to let it be known that he's talking about the fair-weather fans, not the Jets faithful. "Nah I love the loyal fans, stop putting words in my mouth," he said in response to Stypulkoski. 

Jets coach Adam Gase also fired back at critics. When asked if he's embarrassed by the demoralizing loss, Gase reminded the media anything can happen in professional football. "It’s the NFL, man. You can’t be embarrassed by this shit," the coach said.

He went on to say that the team isn't content with losing. "We’re 1-7," Gase said. "You feel like crap. You don’t put in all this time and effort to come out here and lose."