We're officially one week into the NBA season, and even though teams have only played a few games, we're starting to see some trends develop. For intstance, the Warriors might be legit bad this season and every non-Warriors fan is going to eat it up. After years of dominance by Steph Curry and company, there's no real surprise there.

We also know that the Clippers look very real and the Lakers are going to be a force in the West. Do we know much else? Not really, but naturally, the NBA is off to to a fast start, with guys like Trae Young and Ja Morant already lighting it up. Kyrie Irving is already scorching in Brooklyn, but the Nets have lost two close games early as they navigate their new squad.

Point is, it's still so early to really know much, but that's the beauty of the NBA season. Things change quickly and often. As part of our coverage for the season, the Complex Sports team is picking out the 10 best NBA games from every single week of the season. So sit back and enjoy some hoops while we tell you the must-watch games every single week of the year. 

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