If there's anyone who understands the pressure Odell Beckham Jr. experiences being an outspoken, dynamic playmaker, it would be Hall of Fame wide receiver Randy Moss. This led Moss to sit down with OBJ and fellow Browns wideout Jarvis Landry for an interview that touches on these feelings. During their conversation, Moss gave Beckham the opportunity to clarify the comments he made to Sports Illustrated about his trade to Cleveland.

"I feel like the quote was a little misconstrued," Beckham said at the beginning of the clip. "They were saying that I took it personal. I wasn't saying that I took the trade personal. I was saying, factually speaking, it was personal. It wasn't a business move. It was, 'Okay, we're sending him to Cleveland because it has this stigma of losing.'" 

A lot of things OBJ says get taken out of context because of his superstar status. An example of this was a remark he made during an interview with Sports IllustratedWhen asked his opinions on his move to Cleveland, Beckham told SI the trade wasn't the "business move" the Giants were making it out to be. "This was personal. They thought they’d send me here to die," Beckham said. People took this comment as supporting evidence for the assumptions that OBJ doesn't want to be in Cleveland.

Yet according to Beckham, this couldn't be further from the truth. "It's just that mentality of 'Am I going to beat myself? You sent me here to die. Am I going to die? Or am I going to keep fighting and keep improving to be better—be better for this team.'" Beckham explained. "There's no chance. I'm trying to see banners up here. I'm trying to see a picture of me and [Jarvis Landry]."

Despite suffering a devastating loss during his debut in Cleveland, OBJ had a productive outing. He pulled in 71 yards on seven catches including a 24-yard reception. He now has an opportunity to build on this and establish the team's winning mentality when the Browns take on the Jets this Monday.