Despite the controversy that's surrounding him, the Patriots haven't distanced themselves from their new teammate. It looks like Tom Brady opened the doors to his TB12 training facility to Antonio Brown

On Thursday, the wide receiver took to his Instagram Live to show his followers what he was up to. He also had an optimistic message for his fans during the session. 

"Stay focused," AB told the viewers. "The devil gonna try to bring you down when you get closer to your goals. The key is, don't let him."

The news that AB was headed to New England was quickly followed by reports claiming that Brady had offered to let AB stay at his house while he gets adjusted to Foxboro. Yet, this moment quickly turned sour when sexual assault allegations against AB surfaced. Some critics thought that this would create a rift between the Patriots and Brown, but the organization has yet to turn its back on him. On the day the allegations made headlines, Brown was still allowed to participate in practices and he hasn't missed a team activity since he got to New England. This seems to be the most important thing to the coach Bill Belichick as the team is preparing to have AB on the field until the league rules otherwise. 

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