Earlier this year it was reported that Conor McGregor was under investigation in his native Ireland for allegedly getting in a bar fight. The attack in question occurred at the Marble Arch Pub in Dublin on April 6, and now footage of the incident has surfaced online via TMZ showing exactly what went down. 

McGregor walked in to buy patrons shots of his Proper Twelve whiskey, lining up cups of it for everyone present. When one older man turned down his offer twice as everyone else drank theirs, he suddenly punched the man. As he did it, two other men dragged him out of the pub. The man stayed sat on his stool as he was struck.

It's not clear if the man said anything to McGregor to prompt the punch, but the incident was reported to the police and an investigation was launched. It's also unclear if the investigation is still ongoing, but McGregor seemingly wasn't charged. Authorities have, however, seen the video of the incident.

This isn't the only time McGregor has landed himself in trouble for violence outside the Octagon. In March, it was reported that he arrested for robbery and criminal mischief after he smashed a phone out the hands of a fan in Miami. He settled a civil suit with the victim after the charges were eventually dropped.