Looks like LeBron James has had about enough. On Thursday, James teased on Twitter that an "ether" is "coming soon," but what exactly is he talking about?  

"Alright alright. Enough is enough," James wrote. "The throne has been played with to much and I ain’t for horseplay. Ether coming soon!"

James' tweet comes hours after New Orleans Pelicans general manager David Griffin admitted in an interview with Sports Illustrated that he hated his time with the LeBron-led Cleveland Cavaliers so much that there was no amount of money that would've kept him with the team after they won their first title in franchise history in 2016.

According to ESPN, James was "shocked" by Griffin's characterization of him, and the above tweet was likely in response to those remarks. LeBron's tweet could have also addressed other issues that have been bothering him recently, including the criticisms he faced for "making a spectacle of himself" through his over-the-top celebrations at the AAU tournament in Las Vegas where his son, LeBron James Jr. was playing.

Even one of his biggest supporters, Shannon Sharpe, didn't defend his actions. "This is Jr.'s time, his teammates time to shine," Sharpe said. "I just wish he wouldn't do it. You don't need no recognition at no AAU game."