Kendrick Perkins wants NBA fans to know that LeBron James is not a god-emperor. While the arguable GOAT has enough gravity to warp the league with just about any decision (or Decision) he makes, ultimately he's still a player for the people who make the actual money decisions for each team.

Bron's former teammate felt the need to speak out after LeBron was criticized for allowing Carmelo Anthony to miss a season in the NBA. He responded to a bit of invective from former NBA player Royce White, who accused LeBron of sitting on his hands.

"While a guy like LeBron is walking around here like he’s the face and voice of the players, how is he letting his banana-boat brother hang out there in the wings?" White said. "And they go sign Jared Dudley and not Carmelo? If anybody watching this thinks that Jared Dudley can hold Carmelo’s jockstrap, I’ll slap him.”

Perkins pointed out that LeBron wanted to bring on Carmelo in Cleveland and was told to keep dreaming.

"Man Bron told the Cavs he wanted Melo and they Cavs said no to him," Perkins wrote on Twitter.

Is LeBron a force in player negotiations? No doubt. Is he a meddler who might just overstep the line on what players can do in the offseason? Allegedly. But at the end of the day, the one thing he isn't is a general manager. Perkins has a point. Anthony's current status as persona non grata is on the front offices of 32 NBA teams. 

Perkins also tweeted that if Melo wants to play in the NBA, he should take a page out of Vince Carter's book.