On Saturday, Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey responded to a fan who pointed out a Madden depiction of him that wasn't exactly the most true-to-life character model ever. For one, it had him wearing one of those dumb hand warmers that get overused in the game and also maybe something else.

Not one to let this hand warmer fuckery slide, McCaffrey posted the following:

While it wouldn't be authentic Madden without a few bugs, it's also possible that McCaffrey's face model was manually changed. Regardless of whatever is going on here, McCaffrey's mom must've seen her son's joke cross her timeline because she tossed out (a better?) one of her own. You be the judge:

The dual-threat McCaffrey had 1,098 yards and seven touchdowns for Carolina last year in what was his second season as a professional. He also added 107 catches, 867 yards, and six more touchdowns as a receiving back. Of course those stats have nothing to do with this particular Madden character model; it's just to say they should stop tacking those freakin' hand warmers on every third player.