Yes, I'm well aware that D'Angelo Russell was just traded to the Golden State Warriors and given a max deal by the team. Despite the new contract and his new team, this doesn't seem like a long term fit for the Warriors, but rather a future trade chip they can use down the line. This was an idea first mentioned by longtime NBA reporter Marc Stein, who said it would just be a matter of when they trade D-Lo, not if. That's super interesting, seeing that D'Angelo is a promising young all-star, but the fit next to Steph Curry and Klay Thompson is a bit odd.

NBA rules prevent the Warriors from trading D-Lo until at least January, but we're sure teams would be lining up when and if they officially put him on the block. Maybe everything works out with D'Angelo in the Bay and he fits great with Steph and company, but if not, they should be able to easily find a deal for the young All-Star.

The Complex Sports team cooked up some potential D-Lo trade ideas because Kawhi Leonard still hasn't made a decision and we need something to occupy our time. Enjoy and remember, these are potential trades for down the line. Not immediately. Please stay out of my mentions. 

D-Lo Finally Gets to Minnesota 

dangelo russell wolves
Image via TradeNBA

This is the most logical outcome to the situation. Hell, the Wolves planned a helicopter ride for D-Lo for their free agent pitch meeting with him earlier this week before the Warriors swooped in and completed the deal. That's heartbreaking for the Wolves, but in this scenario, they could still get their guy. We know KAT would love it.

For the Warriors, Covington would slide right into the vacated Iggy role for the team. If they want to get real wild, they could also trade D-Lo straight up for Andrew Wiggins. That one would surely break NBA Twitter. 

D'Angelo Joins Jimmy Butler in Miami 

dangelo russell heat
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Let's get wild. The Heat need to add more talent around Jimmy Butler and the Warriors need help on the wing after trading Iggy and losing KD. This fits the needs of both teams and sends a first rounder to the Warriors. A Jimmy and D-Lo duo in Miami could be deadly. 

D-Lo Heads to the Chicago Bulls 

dangelo russell bulls
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Before you freak out about the "value" exchange on this one, remember that that the Warriors already have the top tier talent in Steph, Klay, and Draymond. They need to add better fitting pieces and Otto Porter would be a perfect fit as a 3 and D guy for them. The Warriors would also get a pick in this deal, which they need after giving up two first rounders in the KD and Iggy trades. On the Bulls side, they get a proven all-star guard to add to their offense. 

Aaron Gordon for D'Angelo? 

dangelo russell magic
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When is the last time the Magic had an all-star PG on their roster? The answer would be Jameer Nelson in 2008. Yeah, they should be all in on figuring out how to get D-Lo out of Golden State. For the Warriors, they add some great frontcourt talent in Gordon and Aminu, which could bring back some defensive intensity to their squad. And don't say it too loud, but Gordon would be nice Dray insurance if they let him walk next summer. Just saying. 

D-Lo Heads Back to NYC 

dangelo russell knicks
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The Knicks had an eventful first few days of free agency, but in this move, they finally get some top tier talent in D-Lo, while shipping off some pieces that would fit nicely with the Warriors and what they want to do. I really just did this one because I think Knicks fans deserve some joy and happiness. Let's get them an all-star!