Sources close to the Los Angeles Lakers have said that they plan to move LeBron James from his forward position to point guard, Yahoo Sports reports. As LeBron enters his 17th season in the NBA, the Lakers are looking to shift the team around to better utilize his talents on the court. He will reportedly be joined in the backcourt by the recently acquired Danny Green.

While LeBron has often been the dominant ball distributor on the court throughout his career, he's rarely ever actually played the 1. Regardless, the frequent point-forward has continually proved his versatility, which will become more important now that he's the sharing the court with All-Star forward Anthony Davis

LeBron played the fewest number of games in a season during his first year with the Lakers because of his groin injury. He's had more time to recouperate than usual after Los Angeles shut him down early when it was already clear they weren't going to make the playoffs. Other guards on the Lakers include Rajon Rondo, Quinn Cook, and Alex Caruso.