Paul George was the only star Kawhi Leonard wanted to team up with. On Monday, ESPN's Zach Lowe reported that Kawhi attempted to recruit Kyrie Irving as his co-star.

"The league's quietest superstar 'found his voice,' as one executive put it," Lowe wrote. "He recruited George, Durant and even Kyrie Irving at points, sources say."

Kawhi shocked the world when he pressed the Clippers into getting Paul George from the Thunder. Leonard and George reportedly devised this plan the same day the former met with the Lakers. Leonard also allegedly tried to get Kevin Durant to sign with the Clippers before KD made the decision to move forward with the Nets.

Although Irving had been linked to both Anthony Davis and Durant, it was almost certain that he would be making his way to one of New York's franchises. Irving is also friends with Davis and Durant, while his relationship with Kawhi is unknown. But being a stranger hasn't stopped the Fun Guy before. Durant was reportedly was "flattered" and "stunned" by Kawhi's recruitment because Durant "didn't know Leonard that well."