After surviving 50 professional boxing bouts all it took was one slick crossover to drop the champ. But during an interview with TMZ, Floyd Mayweather let it be known that despite his ankles getting taken by Bone Collector he still remains undefeated. 

"It was a cool move but did they tell you I got MVP?" Mayweather said when asked about the crossover. "We also got to talk about us winning by 40." Mayweather went on to say that he has nothing but respect for the streetball legend while also reminding TMZ that he's extremely rich.

"Congratulations to a good move," the boxer continued. "My bank account won't change, so it's nothing but love."

Bone Collector also mentioned Money Mayweather's gaudy net worth when he told TMZ that Floyd was the "richest ankle he ever collected."

Floyd Mayweather showed his competitive spirit during the $50K Charity Challenge Celebrity Basketball Game when he stepped out to guard the And1 legend. This didn't pan out well for the champ as Bone Collector hit Mayweather with a crossover that sent him to the floor. Despite having the heart to do with many wouldn't, the internet doesn't reward courage. As a result, the video of Bone Collector dropping Mayweather has now become a viral sensation. 

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